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We believe in the Power of Learning Communities

Our learning experiences are designed with 6 elements in mind.

01 - Student-centered design

Students are the heroes of our story. First, we start assessing their pre-existing knowledge, attitudes, and interests to design customized learning paths. Then, we focus on involvement, empowerment and satisfaction. As a combined result, learning will be more effective and last longer.

02 - Beyond hard skills

We imagine a school where students develop their soft skills on top of paraphrasing Shakespeare and proving math theorems: with our help, they learn to work in a team, speak in public, boost their critical thinking, and how to use digital tools safely and consciously. 

03 - Learning wherever, whenever

We are used to thinking that school takes place between the walls of a classroom. But what if we imagined different spaces and times? What if we learned by taking a quiz on the bus home, playing video games, listening to a podcast while tidying up our rooms, or virtually visiting a museum from the comfort of our homes. 

We Believe in the power of Learning Communities.

04 - Collaboration at the core

The keyword is “together”. We learn most efficiently when interacting with our peers. We need others to discuss ideas, come up with new ones and reach our personal and shared goals of becoming active and aware citizens.

05 - Learning by doing

We want to enhance teaching with tools and methodologies that make students feel actively engaged and influential. The best way we know how to is by allowing them to experiment, experience mistakes, be corrected, and understand. We believe in the power of new learning methods such as gamification, role-playing, debates, and teach-to-learn, which are just some of the infinite possibilities we offer. 

06 - Feedback is fundamental

Evaluation should no longer be at the end of the learning path. We believe in fast and timely feedback that accompanies students on their journey and helps orient themselves. Learning to learn means being aware of one’s personal process, including self-assessment and self-determination.

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