Jointly, a leading Italian welfare provider, launched yesterday the third edition of the Push to Open initiative, involving 1.500 students and their families. Push to Open is developed in partnership with some of the largest Italian companies such as Enel, ENI, Intesa Sanpaolo, Unicredit, Trenitalia.

The program aims at giving to teenagers the critical information necessary to make choices about university and career path.

The Push to Open project, an effort that develops over the course of four months and engages students with experts and young professionals, will be held entirely on WeSchool.

Thanks to WeSchool, the 1.500 participants and their parents will be able to take part to webinars, ask questions, participate to activities and get feedback from the community and the experts involved by Jointly.

On top of traditional functionalities, WeSchool added a gamification layer to the platform, allowing participants to keep track of their activities, earn points and see how they perform against their peers.

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