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How to measure the impact of your L&D strategy with the New WeSchool Dashboard

Discover what's new in WeSchool this month

In today’s data-driven world, tracking the impact of your learning and development initiatives is crucial for making informed decisions and proving the value of your training programs.


That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce WeSchool’s improved Analytics Dashboard. With this enhanced feature, you can easily track key metrics, understand the learning experience of your users, and quantify the impact of your training initiatives on the organization’s bottom line – all without needing to be a data analyst.


But that’s not all: from a brand-new onboarding experience that will provide users with a ready-made learning environment to our new notification system: read on to discover all the upcoming news within the WeSchool Learning Platform.

Why we're fans of tracking L&D analytics the right way

96% of L&D leaders report problems with how they collect and analyze data on learning impact. When you factor in the time, costs, and energy in setting up learning journeys, it only makes sense that you want the results to pay off. We get it. In today’s data-driven world, you can’t rely on intuition or anecdotal evidence. To demonstrate the value of your L&D programs, you must choose an LMS platform that offers data-powered learning analytics.


And that’s what our new dashboard release does – empowering our users to make informed decisions based on the learning analytics. 

Struggling with measuring learning impact? No more!

No more grappling to understand the learning data. 

Say hello to easily learning accessible insights

All your key metrics are under one roof, presented in simple, intuitive graphs. The outcome? Making it easy to unpack, understand, and present your L&D data.


No more struggling to see how your entire organization is learning.
Say hello to company L&D data overviews

Our group filters offer the flexibility to view your entire organization at a glance or focus on specific groups, courses, or cohorts for more detailed performance insights.


No more confusion around the business impact of your L&D initiatives. 

Say hello to a business-oriented LMS


See valuable metrics like course progress, assessment scores, learner progress, time spent on the platform, and the number of sessions displayed, and get a complete picture of your KPIs and how they drive the bottom line.


No more second-guessing how your learners are learning. 

Say hello to data-driven skill gap fixing 


Spot areas where they may be struggling, and whether your content resonates and is effective for learners.

But wait…why even improve the WeSchool Dashboard?
"We know that tracking learning analytics is difficult and time-consuming. Most L&D professionals want to find a quick, efficient way to track the impact of their initiatives and courses and show the C-Suite that their work matters and that they have impact in what they do. With the new Dashboard, WeSchool helps make your L&D strategy data-driven without being a data analyst."
Yana Andrzheevskaya
WeSchool Product Manager
Five ways WeSchool’s analytics dashboard powers your L&D strategy

Here are five key ways our enhanced dashboard elevates your L&D strategy:

1. Stay informed with real-time data

Get immediate insights into your organization and all ongoing courses. Zoom into specific groups, courses, or cohorts with our powerful filtering options, or get a detailed overview of performance data across your entire organization. 

2. Everybody should understand the impact of your training initiatives

Want to see how a specific course is faring this week? Or analyze the progress of a cohort over the last quarter? The time range filters make slicing and dicing data easy, helping you segment insights. You can also grant permissions to group owners and instructors, allowing everyone to monitor course progress together.

3. Beautiful, intuitive design to make reading data a piece of cake

Understanding and presenting your L&D data has never been easier, even for those without a data science background. Say goodbye to the complexities of spreadsheets– get a detailed, real-time view of your learning metrics through intuitive graphs and visualizations. 

4. Get actionable insights into the learning experience of your users

From seeing Course Progress and Assessment Scores in visual charts to deciphering learners’ progress and test results in a single Objectives metric, see whether you’ve achieved the desired outcomes and if not, adjust your content accordingly. 

5. See how engaged learners really are

Get detailed insights into engagement rates and types of activities. From time spent on specific course modules, and frequency of logins, to content interactions, track key data points to see the areas and strengths of your content. 

But wait…that's not all that's new at WeSchool

You talked and we heard! Actively listening to our users, collating feedback, and working hard to bring your comments to life are at the core of our product development process. Here’s what’s new at WeSchool:


📱Mobile App updates

Our engineering squads have rolled out key mobile app updates, improving the look and feel of WeSchool dramatically: suffice it to say that the new WeSchool app version has lots to offer. It’s got smarter notifications. It’s got pretty space layouts. It’s got invite codes


🎉 Onboarding flow revamp 

Imagine stepping into a training environment that feels like an extension of your company—everything is branded, user-friendly, and engaging. That’s exactly what we aimed to do with our onboarding revamp making it more focused and intuitive for users to set up their accounts properly. 


🤩 Notification improvements

Ensuring users receive timely and relevant notifications without being overwhelmed is crucial. The new notification feature includes improved notification aggregation, the ability to mute specific notifications, and enhanced visibility of notification settings and content.


💻 Minor bug fixes 

We’ve squashed several pesky bugs reported by our users, further improving the overall user experience.

Unlock the power of L&D metrics with WeSchool’s Dashboard

The best way to get the attention of your company’s leaders is to provide metrics that show how your learning program helps the business stay agile, adaptable, and profitable in an ever-changing world. 


WeSchool is a user-friendly LMS that supports engaging, interactive learning experiences and automates the most mundane admin tasks. Our platform features learner analytics and reports, plus more. Plan your next L&D training initiative, knowing that your workforce can keep up.


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