Reinvent school. Get superpowers.

The free blended learning platform made for teachers

Push blended learning to the next level

Having a hard time finding the right tool to deliver great learning experiences both in class and at distance?

Use the interactive wall and lessons to enrich your classes. Let students contribute by suggesting resources. Use exercises both as homework assignment and as in-class tests.

Take advantage of our platform to teach even better. Create the perfect blend.

Fusion Power

Designed for flipped classrooms

You like the flipped classroom approach but you’re finding it difficult to combine in-class and at-home activities?

Let your students get ready online on their own before coming to class and give them a chance to ask questions beforehand.
When you’re in class focus on practice and exercises using the same platform you used for pre-class activities.

Feel the power to flip not just a class, but an entire course.

Learning Tornado

Empower group-work with realtime

Looking for a better tool to enable effective group-work? Feel like your students are not engaged enough because the tools you use are already outdated?

Spice up your lessons with realtime interaction. Give your students an online space where they feel comfortable interacting, creating and learning.

Try pausing time and have everyone interact on the same content at the same time. Can’t believe it? Launch an Instant and see for yourself. It’s like reading directly your students’ minds.


Interact with your students in one place

Stop using one tool to share content, one to communicate, one to create exercises and yet another one to keep track of students’ progress.

Bring your class online in just one place.


Organise and share your favourite content

No more shared folders, no more emailing assignments, no more “watch this video here” then “answer these questions there”.

Draw content from any source, from your desktop to YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive and even Instagram. Learning can come from unexpected places.

It’s so easy you’ll feel like you’re manipulating content with no effort.

Magnetic Manipulation

Create engaging exercises in minutes

Already know dozens of platforms that promise easy quiz creation and sharing?

Mix up to 9 different question formats to build exercise sets or tests that students actually engage with. Seamlessly create crossword puzzles, pair the cards and video quizzes.

Let data drive your classes, monitor results and see immediately who’s lagging behind. Create, share, grade, repeat in a blink!

Superhuman Speed

Carry your classes in your pocket

Feeling bound to your laptop? Why can’t your job come on all your devices just as your personal life does?

Work on your lessons on-the-go from your tablet or smartphone. You can create quizzes or see your students’ results while commuting or waiting in a queue.

Miniaturize your courses in your pocket.