Today UniCredit, Italy’s largest bank, Associazione Difesa Orientamento Consumatori, a leading Italian consumer organization, and WeSchool — the innovative social learning platform made by Oilproject — announce their collaboration for the 2016 edition of Cashless Generation, a financial education programme aimed at high school and university students.

Cashless Generation is an innovative project that will take ADOC’s and UniCredit’s experts to hundreds of classes to raise awareness regarding payment systems and non-cash transactions, among students aged between 16 and 20.

The approach of the programme will also be something new: the flipped classroom method. Students will be presented with information and educational content before attending workshops in which to apply their newly acquired knowledge on cards, online transaction, mobile payments and more to the collaborative creation of a videoclip that will compete in a national contest.

The choice of WeSchool allows UniCredit and ADOC to fulfill the plan of giving continuity to the educational moments of Cashless Generation that are spread over time (and split between online and in presence). The platform will be first used to share learning material with students and then as a tool for collaboration and the sharing of ideas during workshops and the video-making challenge.

Cashless Generation was a success last year: UniCredit and ADOC decided to double down on the programme this year adding the WeSchool digital platform to keep all the work and resources organized and extending it to to an even larger population: 12,000 students.

The value of the initiative is to combine, through content on one side and the methodology on the other, a push on the themes of financial literacy as well as a contribution to the digitalization of teaching. To further stress this aspect, Cashless Generation will also grant a significant endowment to the classes involved: WeSchool will be theirs to use for the entire year and for all school subjects.

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