WeSchool, with its blended learning approach, is the perfect tool to help teachers engage students with challenging lessons and in a truly collaborative fashion. WeSchool helps prepare students to work together for the next hackathon or for a new challenge in one of the many innovatives companies and startups of the TAG network around Italy and Europe.

The benefit is mutual, in fact teachers and students of TAG Innovation School continuously add to the WeSchool platform with their suggestions and feedback.

TAG Innovation School was born in 2015 within Talent Garden, the largest european coworking network, and is the first Italian learning project entirely focused on digital innovation. Its aim is to create digital leaders and help companies adopt and embrace digital transformation. Flipped classroom, collaborative approach, design thinking and learning by creating are the pillars that the TAG Innovation School leverages on to shape the best digital professionals of tomorrow.

Based in Milan and ready to open in Rome, Turin and Barcelona, TAG Innovation School offers — full time and part time — courses for a number of digital professions: from the very first course called CodeMaster, a unique proposition in the Italian context, to E-Commerce, UX Design, Growth Hacking and Data Analysis.

“We tried quite a few learning platforms, but when we started using WeSchool in October 2015 it was love at first sight. Ease of use, features for testing and collaboration are a big plus for a school focused on digital innovation like ours. If we want to grow the digital experts of tomorrow, we must teach them how to use top-tier tools. Even if still new, the WeSchool platform definitely belongs among those”.
Alessandro Rimassa, Cofounder of TAG Innovation School

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