Looking for a good reason?

There’s plenty of them! Find yours!

If you’re looking for a new elearning platform, you’re in the wrong place. WeSchool is not only a distance learning tool: it reinvents your classes creating the most engaging learning experiences ever. And it’s free for schools!

How? Integrating any content, website or tool that you already use.
With WeSchool a Washington Post article, a Ted Talk, a collaborative session on a Google Doc, a drawing and a quiz can be part of a single learning experience… with no need to jump from one site to the other!

WeSchool EdModo Google
Integration w/any web platform Yes No No No
Support for any kind of file Y N N N
Group deadlines and assignments Y Y Y Y
Individual deadlines and assignments Y Y N N
Real-time groupwork environment Y N Y N
Students can create learning objects Y N Y N
Works on any device Y Y Y Y
No setup costs Y Y Y N
Automatically updated Y Y Y N
Real-time simultaneous testing Y N N N
Self-grading exercises and tests Y Y Y Y
Multiple question formats 10 5 4 10
Video-quiz Y N N N
Crosswords Y N N N
Fill the blanks Y Y N N

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