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How G-Lab Engages and Connects Trainees through a Collaborative Training Experience

What engaging training looks like
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About G-LAB e Fondazione Golinelli

G-Lab, in partnership with the Golinelli Foundation, is a social enterprise that provides training activities for teachers and students. Their mission is to develop knowledge and skills, preparing individuals to navigate a rapidly changing world.


The Golinelli Foundation was founded in 1988 by Cav. Marino Golinelli. It focuses on promoting education, scientific culture, and the ethical and intellectual growth of young people, with a particular emphasis on life sciences within the STEM field.

The challenge: Connecting disengaged users

G-Lab and the Golinelli Foundation encountered several challenges in their training programs before adopting the WeSchool platform. They needed an easy-to-use solution to manage courses and engage teachers while creating collaborative communities around specific subjects such as design thinking, cooperative learning, and visual thinking.


They sought a platform that would facilitate interaction, foster knowledge-sharing, and provide a seamless digital experience.

Picking the right LMS platform

WeSchool stood out as the preferred platform for G-Lab due to its simplicity and alignment with their requirements. The platform offered a user-friendly interface that prioritized interaction between participants and teachers throughout the training process.


WeSchool also provided an ideal environment for collaboration: where users could collaborate with others on their own schedule (without having to be online at the same time), share content and start meaningful discussions.

Enrico Tombesi, CEO at G-Lab

“WeSchool stood out for its simplicity and alignment with our requirements. The platform is user-friendly and prioritizes interaction above everything.”

A new learning dynamic between users with WeSchool

Since adopting the WeSchool platform in 2017, G-Lab and the Golinelli Foundation have achieved significant results. They have successfully onboarded 6,639 users, generated over 7,000 posts, and created more than 10,000 content pieces. Additionally, 37,824 lessons have been completed, showcasing the engagement and effectiveness of the training programs.


The WeSchool platform has allowed G-Lab to transcend geographical boundaries and build a diverse community of teachers and students across Italy. This digital environment has dramatically amplified the impact of their initiatives, enabling the design and implementation of educational applications that would be impractical to deliver solely through in-person interactions.

Easier to connect, easier to learn

G-Lab’s training projects have also greatly benefited from WeSchool’s user-friendly digital environment. It makes it easy for people to interact and share content, even if they’re not online at the same time. The platform also lets participants connect with experts from the Golinelli Foundation and other learners who are on a similar training journey.


Furthermore, the integration of Golinelli Live, a virtual reality educational platform developed by the Golinelli Foundation, enriches the overall digital ecosystem by incorporating synchronous and asynchronous elements. This integration optimises the effectiveness and potential of the training projects, delivering an immersive and engaging learning experience.

TLDR; Where G-Lab is now

By leveraging the WeSchool platform, G-Lab and the Golinelli Foundation have successfully transformed their training programs, offering an improved learning experience for teachers and students.


WeSchool’s user-friendly approach, asynchronous capabilities, and seamless integration of content and interactions have empowered G-Lab to achieve its objectives and foster a dynamic community of learners. The collaboration between G-Lab and WeSchool continues to drive innovation in education, enabling individuals to thrive in an ever-evolving world.


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