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We make learning future proof.

Teach, engage and manage learners in the all-in-one platform designed for social learning at scale.


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A collaborative based learning platform.

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Introducing WeSchool’s latest feature: Spaces

Check out our latest product development: Spaces. A simpler way to manage your Learning Communities in a single environment.

Marta Valverde
Marta Valverde · May 8, 2023
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The WeSchool method
Tired of boring, stale online lessons? We were too. WeSchool’s platform makes learning more intuitive, engaging and effective through our signature Method.
    Meet your learners
    Assess pre-existing knowledge with initial testing
    Plan interactive experiences
    Design customized and flexible learning using innovative teaching methodologies
    Create learner centered content
    Deliver inclusive and accessible materials to cater for every learner’s need
    Collaborate and interact
    Encourage peer discussions to boost participation rates
    Evaluate progress
    Utilize assessments and smart analytics to measure results
    Get better together
    Gather and implement feedback to improve the learning experience

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"Much more than just another LMS"

An alternative to the boring e-learning-based courses my company used to deliver. Now, I create more engaging learning paths for all my company teams.
Alberto G., Instructional Designer

"Interactive and flexible"

WeSchool's LMS portal's many features have enabled us to build interactive and flexible pathways, monitor learner participation and the ability to organize content in a schematic way.
Marina F., Business owner

"Fantastic platform"

Easy to use and has many features that allowed me to centralize work in one place.
Silvia R., Online instructor

"A Dynamic Platform"

One easily manageable environment. I can interact with trainees, create lessons, chat with learners and easily search for anything that I need.
Luca B., Professor

"Positive all-around experience"

Exceptional for its ease of use, attractive graphics, and versatility to create different learning paths.
Chiara G., Professor

"A really well thought and built course."

A dynamic and interactive course thanks to the chat and discussion groups. The tutors followed the students and provided insights and answers.
Simonetta G., Supervisor

"A better alternative"

It's incredible how you can leverage the power of social learning by using a dedicated platform.
George E., HR manager

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