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Empower your salesforce to beat quotas faster

Create a centralized training community for your sales team with scalable, engaging, and measurable training paths. 


Update fast, upsell faster

Grow your revenue with continuously updated sales content. Deliver ongoing materials that adapt to changing customer needs by creating and editing live product catalogs, offers, and playbooks.

Streamline, automate, and scale your growth

Keep your new sales reps on track with ease. From webinars to live chats: spark conversations so everyone on the team can learn sales tricks and gather peer-to-peer feedback from colleagues across departments.

Connect training outcomes with sales KPIs

Gauge the real impact of sales training on your business’s success by tracking performance and linking it to sales quotas.

Explore in full our platform's features

Discover how the platform can help your sales team to adapt to changing customer needs

Maximize your growth in 4 steps

Uncover the features that will help you train your sales team for higher ROIs.

Set up your Sales Space
Group the sales team with other departments for continuous feedback.
Encourage sales reps to share tips and insights with colleagues.
Share wins, boost sales, and reward success.
Build flexible training paths
Update product catalogs and assign as mandatory trainings.
Drip-feed personalized sales training based on individual skill gaps.
Encourage sales reps to share content with their best selling tips.
Host webinars
Host webinar and product updates without leaving the platform.
Organize 1:1 feedback sessions for personalized sales call feedback.
Deliver individual or group coaching session to improve sales skills.
Track sales progress
Evaluate training materials impact by open and completion rates.
Compare sales quotas with completion and engagement rates.
Download reports to pinpoint sales reps' areas for improvement.

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