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Build a community of loving customers

Looking for a new way to help your customers understand how to use your product? Activate your users with a community-based LMS designed for customers’ engagement at scale.


Give new life to tutorials and help desks

On WeSchool, you can create the instruction manual of the future: set up an Academy in minutes, engage and share interactive content that meets your users’ needs.

Increase activation rates with social learning features

The best way to reduce post-sale stress? Bring your customers into a community where your customer success team can easily interact with and track each user’s action.

A direct channel to update and upsell

Churn rate days are over. Reactivate, upsell and update your customers on new offers through dedicated direct communication features.

Explore in full our platform's features

Discover how the platform can help your customers get the best learning experience

Create your Customer Community in 5 steps

Personalize your user base's learning experiences through WeSchool collaborative learning platform.

Create your brand-space
Create your own Customer Education Space in a few clicks.
Add your colors and logo to reinforce brand recognition.
Send personalised invite emails to your customer baze.
Customer engagement
Publish content, updates and offers on a dedicated forum section.
Let power users share best practices and tips.
Organize webinars and events directly on the platform.
Gamify the experience
Reward users with badges.
Increase customer motivation with tailor-made and public certifications.
Automate the gamification process in seconds with prerequisites and milestone.
Update & upsell
Easily update or edit materials to keep up with product updates.
Deliver promotions to subsets of customers at the right moment.
Interact with customers through a dedicated Chat.
Target power users
Send customer surveys to measure customer satisfaction.
Leverage AI to predict and prevent churn rates.
Promptly identify customers with low engagement - start a conversation and recommend relevant content to keep them engaged.

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