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How can non-formal education help people talk about diversity and inclusion? Read the story of Yasmine and Jana to know more

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What are the biases behind the cult of smart? What does it mean for Education? Let's listen to a WeSchool Senior Instructional Designer's take

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Digital Tech

From London to Karachi: why I decided to dedicate my career to 100 million Pakistani students

Experiencing in first person the situation of the Pakistani education system gave Rooshan the motivation to build his startup when the pandemic broke out.

Andrea Migliorini
Andrea Migliorini · May 11, 2023
8 Min read

How creating and listening to podcasts changed the way I see learning

Podcaster and researcher Dario Llinares reminds us of the too many times forgotten superpower every educator can draw on: the educational basis of speaking and listening.     

Expert Contributor
Expert Contributor · Jul 31, 2023

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