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Employee Onboarding made social

Boost talent retention with a dedicated social learning community where new hires can learn, engage, and interact with ease. 


Raise talent retention from day 1

Reduce turnover rates with automated (and personalized) onboarding paths that provide new hires with all the guidance and support they need.

From knowledge base to knowledge experience

Upload, edit, and bring to life all your onboarding materials. Comments, feedback, posts: on WeSchool, company policies and cross-team documents become highly-engaging pieces of content.

AI-powered analytics to support teams’ growth

From evaluating team fit to reviewing engagement rates: easily measure the impact and the quality of your onboarding programs… also with the help of AI.

Explore in full our platform's features

Discover how the platform can help your team to onboard new employees

Future-proof Employee Onboarding

Discover how you can easily automate and personalize onboarding experiences with WeSchool LMS in 5 simple steps.

Automate preboarding
Upload company documents and policies as universal modules.
Schedule 30, 60 and 90 days check-in’s to follow up on performance.
Repurpose courses and learning materials created by peers to save time.
Invite new hires
Add new hires to relevant Groups so they can get to know your company culture.
Welcome team members with personalized messages.
Assign key documents and cross-department meetings for a focused start with the team.
Personalize the onboarding space
Drip-feed targeted onboarding materials.
Create a digital space for onboarding where to browse and share content.
Mark prerequisites and milestones to guide everyone.
Collaborate continuously
Group hires with experienced employees to learn from them directly.
Enable public posts, where everyone can ask for advice and direction.
Encourage teams to message new hires privately.
Meet your talent KPIs
Send new hires surveys to measure effectiveness.
Compare engagement rates with new hire performance.
Identify the onboarding initiatives that are landing with new hires with open rates.

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