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Where training meets productivity

Unlock skill development within your team with the first LMS that seamlessly blends training with productivity and communication tools. 



Bring peer-to-peer training into your workflows

Store all the training materials in a single digital workspace (that natively blends with your team’s tasks) and let your team members learn from each other with dedicated social learning features.

For hybrid and remote teams

From 1:1 meetings to in-person workshops: whether your team is spread globally or in the same office, WeSchool lets you organize any kind of team activity with ease.

Fill the (skill) gap with AI

With WeSchool’s AI Assistant, you’ll be able to monitor your team members’ progress, interactions, and areas of growth – creating tailor-made materials to fill in their knowledge gaps in just a few clicks.

Explore in full our platform's features

Discover how the platform can help your team to unlock skill development

Start upskilling your team in 5 steps

Designed for seamless collaboration and customized learning paths.

Upload & update materials
Create and personalize your training hub in just a few clicks.
Use the AI Assistant to speed up the content creation process.
Tailor the content to your team’s needs.
Peer-to-peer learning
Invite your team to share their know-how and best practices in the forum section.
Start private conversations with your team members via Chat.
Pose questions, share insights, and create a space for open dialogue.
Organize workflows
Schedule Live Lessons directly on the Calendar by integrating your favourite videoconferencing tool.
Enable everyone to see upcoming events and deadlines.
Improve task management by setting deadlines.
Measure learning curves
Optimize your training content by identifying areas of improvement or knowledge gaps.
Correlate training outcomes with employee performance to determine the impact of training.
Measure engagement and promote interaction among team members.
Make it GenZ-proof
Browse content directly from the App for a learning-on-the-job experience.
Send notifications of upcoming assignments, deadlines, or new course content.

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