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The Power of Learning Communities.

We are more than an LMS. We are education obsessed and have designed a signature Learning Methodology built upon social learning theory: Because learning together gets us further.

01 - Learner-centered design

Learners are the heroes of our story. Not everyone is at the same stage or benefits from the same learning methods, which is why we begin by assessing pre-existing knowledge, attitudes and interests to design customized learning paths. Then, we focus on increasing involvement, motivation and satisfaction. As a result, learning becomes more effective and impactful in the long run.

02 - Beyond hard skills

We envision learning environments where students develop soft skills as well as qualifications and technical skills. Our approach is rooted in social learning to encourage teamwork, public speaking, connection, critical thinking and the development of digital skills across different environments.

03 - Learning wherever, whenever

Long gone are the days were learning was limited to time and space. At WeSchool, we learn by taking quizzes on our commute, whilst playing video games or by listening to podcasts. With our platform, learning is always at arm’s reach.

We Believe in the power of Learning Communities.

04 - Collaboration at the core

Humans are social animals and we tend to do better when we do things together. Learning is no different. Increase completion and engagement rates by connecting learners with each other to discuss ideas and reach their personal and shared goals.

05 - Learning by doing

We enhance teaching with tools and methodologies that increase learner engagement and motivation. How? Through experimentation and feedback. From gamification, role-plays, debates, teach-to-learn or multiple-choice quizzes, our platform is designed to empower instructors with the most engaging approaches.

06 - Feedback is fundamental

Evaluations and assessments don’t belong solely at the end of learning paths. They are integrated throughout the journey to provide fast and timely feedback to support learners in becoming self-aware of their knowledge and ability at a given point.

Ready to build your learning community?