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Organize your team on a calendar

Whether it’s planning online sessions, booking 1:1 time, or marking assessment deadlines, WeSchool’s calendar has everything you need to stay organized.


Schedule live sessions, deadlines, and activities

Choose from various event types including Live sessions for online meetings, Activity slots for test preparation or self-study, and Deadline markers for assessment submissions.

Streamline event management in just a few clicks

Say goodbye to repetitive scheduling tasks! With the ability to duplicate and create recurrent events, you can effortlessly plan ahead and focus on what matters most.

Stay in the loop with automated notifications

Receive (and let your learners receive) alerts for event creation, rescheduling, and timely reminders before each event begins, ensuring you never miss an important moment.

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Take a guided tour of the #1 LMS that blends training, productivity and communication in a single digital workspace.