A School That Feels Like Home

12th and 13th grades
20 hours
Talent: learn how to recognize and promote it
Ideas: learn how to organize and express your thoughts
Action: learn how to transform words into actions
From January to June 2023

The challenge? To imagine a school where everyone feels at home

What if school becomes a place where everyone can feel at home? A school that feels like home is the new educational project designed by WeSchool and IKEA dedicated to 12th and 13th graders. The challenge? Design together a more inclusive and truly welcoming school, for everyone.


From public speaking to stating an argument, group works and live webinars with professionals. The project involves 3 lectures and 1 final project designed to help your students discover what makes them unique, gain new skills, value their ideas and transform them into actions through design thinking.


The project is valid for Citizenship Education and it’s open to a maximum of 50 classes. At the moment, the project is sold out.

How it works

The lecture

An educational project with collaborative and participative activities to put into action during your lecture hours: the teacher handbook and the teaching materials are there to help you out.


The goal? Increase the students’ self-awareness, help them value their talent, and enhance their soft skills, such as collaboration and inclusive and impactful communication.

The experts

3 live webinars will give students the chance to discover stories and tips on the labor market. IKEA ambassadors tell their professional experiences and prepare the classrooms for the final challenge.

The challenge

Let the contest begin! Divided into teams, students have to identify a flaw in their school and – thanks to design thinking – design a small intervention to fix it. Our IKEA partners, together with the WeSchool team, will reward the best project.

Lesson plan


What is talent and how to recognize it? An interactive game alongside class members will help your students understand what makes them unique. This game also promotes inclusion and encourages student’s own individual peculiarities.


What makes an argument a good one? Debate improves students’ public speaking and critical thinking skills.


What is the impact the things that surround us have? By improving one’s own critical and analytical thinking skills, students will carefully check their school’s surroundings to identify its strengths, weaknesses and new possibilities.

Final project

How to go from ideas to actions? By working in teams, students will put into play the skills gained in order to design improvement interventions for their schools, with the aim of making it more inclusive. Who’s going to win the final prize?


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