Digital education for all

Professional development
April 2020 - June 2021
Digital skills across four core practices: e-commerce, social media, digital marketing and branding
Help learners of all professional backgrounds adapt to a world gone digital overnight.
Community learning

A digital school for freelancers, businesses and the third sector

As COVID-19 forced people to stay at home, many lost jobs while entire industries were put on hold or fundamentally changed. But one thing was certain: the world was going digital for the foreseeable. 


For this reason, WeSchool partnered with Fondazione Italiana Accenture, to deliver high-value education to help SMEs, the unemployed, freelancers and students adapt to the changing landscape across e-commerce, digital marketing, social media and branding. 


We had one mission: help learners of all professional backgrounds adapt to a digital world overnight. 


With the help of Accenture’s consultants, “Digital Education for All” leveraged WeSchool’s collaborative platform and its features to deliver accessible and flexible live sessions to upskill learners with different backgrounds and needs by empowering them with the knowledge, strategic thinking and digital skills required to make the most out of an unprecedented environment. 


Across Italy, we enabled the delivery of over 900 hours of training and involved 2295 learners,1000 of which were aged between 34-55. Furthermore, Confcommercio, the largest enterprise-representative in Italy with more than 770,000 members, helped us spread the word of our initiative among its members. 

The 4 ingredient recipe for fast learning adoption

Hands on education at speed

Thanks to the expertise and hands-on experience of Accenture consultants, “Digital Education for All”, brought practical and applicable materials to thousands of learners of different backgrounds in a matter of weeks.


By focusing on actionable topics and resources, instructors helped learners cut through and navigate the challenges of pursuing projects in an unstable environment. It was never about learning what an e-commerce business was or the role digital marketing played at a time where online communication was the only channel to reach customers: But about teaching learners how to build their own e-commerce or implement effective digital marketing strategies.

Accessible for all

Not only were the topics covered relevant at the time of release, they were also accessible for those that needed it most. Our easy-to-access platform allowed non-digital natives to access the course contents with a simple login from any device.

Meanwhile, the learning paths were designed with learners of all levels in mind: from beginners to seasoned professionals, “Digital Education for All” spoke the language of everyone.

Flexible schedules

At a time where freelancers and business owners worked over 12h days to maintain afloat, our LMS supported a “pick and choose” and “learn wherever, whenever” approach to learning. By creating different learning paths for different topics, learners were able to follow through the topics they wanted.

Connected learners 

Freelancers, university students, the unemployed, business owners and learners of different backgrounds came together at a time where social distancing disconnected us from the world. “Digital Education for All” allowed them to get advice from industry experts, as well as seek support among one another.

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