Everywhere is STEM

High school students
January - June 2022
View science subjects from a new perspective
Game Based Learning, Digital Storytelling, Cooperative Learning and Role-play

Innovating teaching methodologies in STEM

Why is it that Gen Z students think of science subjects as something far removed from reality? Why do only 24 percent of degrees obtained in Italy involve STEM subjects?  


With the support of J.P. Morgan, we started asking ourselves these questions to bring a hands-on approach to science subjects to 30 selected high school and technical college classrooms. 


With the help of professionals and teachers, “Everywhere is STEM” showed how math, science and technology are all around us. From Game Based Learning and Digital Storytelling to Cooperative Learning and Role-plays, learners experienced what it’s like to step into the shoes of a professional and discovered how STEM subjects allow you to make a real impact. Even in everyday life. 


From Milan to Bormio: we involved 17 schools, distributed in 8 provinces and 11 cities in Lombardy, reaching about 600 students. 

3 tools we used to bring Gen Z closer to STEM subjects

Inspiration from mentors

STEM professionals met online with students to tell their stories, resolve any doubts and share advice about the world of university and work.

Mentor support

We created a pathway for remedial math tutoring with tutors selected by WeSchool. The paths, completely free of charge, were designed based on the needs of each individual student, meaning that each learning path was personalized.  

Fun in the classroom

Everywhere is STEM were not your usual lecture! They varied from anything in between coding competitions to the creation of a tour guide on STEM places in local areas: interactive activities to learn science subjects in a new way and training fundamental soft skills for the professional future.

In partnership with:
JP Morgan


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