For primary & secondary schools
11 hours
P.E. and Citizenship Education
Learning Outcomes
- Raise awareness about inclusion through sports
- Try out new paralympics sports with the Bebe Vio Academy
- Improve teamwork
- Focus on the goals 3 and 10 of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
- Learn the Universal Design for Learning principles
Sept 2022 - Jan 2023
Bebe Vio Academy

Bring inclusivity into the classroom with the power of sports

Sport4Change is the new free educational project, designed by WeSchool and the Bebe Vio Academy, that aims to spread a culture of inclusion across all schools’ grades through an increasingly popular collaborative tool: team sports.


From the first grade till the thirteenth: thanks to the innovative teaching methodology of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) you will learn how to get the most out of new sports’ activities to transform your Citizenship Education hours – and not just those – into a moment of reflection, engagement and fun for everyone!


From materials on the 2030 Agenda to meetings with professional athletes: an 11-hours journey that will lead your students to think and have fun together, by having and creating an inclusive first-hand experience of paralympics sports.


At the end of the project, your classroom will be eligible to win the final prize for discovering what it means to imagine a more inclusive school for everyone: the chance to meet the athletes of art4sport in person

How to play?

Warm up

How to create more inclusive learning experiences? Before the beginning of the project, you can learn more about Universal Design Learning together with WeSchool tutors, to increase the engagement of all students and remove learning barriers.

Let’s play!

Ready to get in the game? It’s time to start playing with an inclusive activity in 4 rounds:

  • Try out a new paralympics sport
  • Learn more about goals 3 and 10 of the 2030 Agenda: physical wellbeing and reducing inequalities
  • Unleash your imagination by designing a sport for all
  • Test your new, inclusive guidelines with a real match

Time out with the Coach

During the project, the teachers will be supported by our tutors. But not only that: all classrooms involved will take part in live streaming moments with the athletes of the Bebe Vio Academy: the bootcamp, an online training hosted on the WeSchool platform, and a dedicated webinar with Giuseppe Cerqua, coach of the paralympics champion Bebe Vio.

The trophy

After the final whistle, those who create the most inclusive game wins the chance of meeting in person the athletes of art4sport!

What’s the Bebe Vio Academy? What’s art4sport?

The Bebe Vio Academy (BVA), the multi-sport italian academy in partnership with Nike and art4sport ONLUS, has the goal of promoting inclusive sports to make them truly accessible for all. In the Academy, kids and teenagers with or without disabilities have the opportunity to try out paralympics disciplines together, from sitting volleyball to amputee football. Art4sport is a non-profit association that supports kids and teenagers with limbs’ prosthesis – and their families – through sports.

Is this project just for P.E. teachers?

The project is dedicated to every teacher of all schools’ grades. Given that there is some physical activity involved, we advise the collaboration of P.E. teachers – but it is not compulsory. The more, the merrier: the project can also be done with the co-presence of more teachers of different subjects.

Is this project valid for Citizenship Education?

Indeed! This activity covers up to 11 hours (out of 33) of Citizenship Education and is dedicated to goals 3 and 10 of the 2030 Agenda. In fact, it promotes psycho-physical wellbeing through sport, and contributes to reducing inequalities with inclusive methodologies.

Who supports the teachers?

WeSchool tutors are here to help you throughout the whole project. In the community you will find colleagues from all over Italy, educational guides on how to perform activities with your students, and useful info on how to participate in the live streaming events (such as Giuseppe Cerqua’s webinar or the Bebe Vio Academy and art4sport’s webinars). Furthermore, you can ask us advice on whatever – technical or teaching – issues you may have 🙂


For more information, write to [email protected]


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