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Engage students in realtime on any device

Blend any tool, website or content in one experience

Test students with video quizzes, crosswords and more

No coding required

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Switch to superpowers. Encourage more effective learning, create unique and engaging lessons in class mixing the best out there. Build stunning assignments that drive students’ performance.

Every organization is a lab

Push your organization forward! No setup costs or IT skills required: it’s “out-of-the-box”. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop and an internet connection. We are ready for in-class pioneers, are you?

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Groups and deadlines

Bring your class online. Invite students and other teachers to join. Increase interaction, manage learning content, assign deadlines all in one place.

Exercises and tests

Craft exercises and tests that actually engage students. Mix up to 9 different question formats including video quizzes, crosswords and pair the cards.


The most open teaching platform ever seen. Blend any website, content or tool (from Youtube to Google Docs, from Dropbox to KhanAcademy) in a single experience.

Instant Quizzes

Deliver instant polls to all connected students to see immediately if what you’ve just explained got through or not. Let students challenge each other by showing their progress live