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How Jointly built online communities through the WeSchool platform

About Jointly

Jointly is a Corporate Wellbeing organization that finds the best care and assistance solutions for themselves and their families in order to meet their needs in the fastest, cheapest and most reliable way.


Since launching in 2016, they have delivered more than 900 solutions to increase the well-being and engagement of their collaborators. They pride themselves on delivering an analytical and personalized approach. But that wasn’t always that way. 

The challenge

When Jointly first came to WeSchool, they were struggling to provide different stakeholders with the support and guidance they needed to make informed decisions about career progression. There were three key groups that needed to work together to make the best decision for the individual: the learner.


Research shows that the majority of parents (85%) want to play an active role in their child’s education, but there are barriers to their involvement, including time availability, not being asked or being unsure of what to offer.


Career guidance further helps students understand their strengths and weaknesses and then match them with skills and interest to venture into the most suitable career paths. It also educates parents on the topic, which helps them support their children when making life-changing decisions.


So the challenge was as follows: how do we bring parents, learners and educators together to learn, discuss and collaborate when they are not consistently in the same space?

The approach

Jointly was determined to make all parties happy, which is why the collaborative but personalizable nature of WeSchool’s platform fitted so well. Since 2016, they have used WeSchool’s platform to help over 20,000 learners and parents make informed decisions about their next steps in education by building Online Learning Communities. 


But we’ve provided more than an informational hub.


“WeSchool’s platform has enabled us to build interactive and flexible pathways, monitor learner participation and the ability to organize content in a clear and schematic way.”

Learning (and certification) through collaboration 

Group members have shared over 10,000 interactions and 30,000 comments. The why? An engaging by design platform that has allowed Jointly to offer users with  a point system which attributes users with points when making comments, attending classes and completing learning paths. This has significantly increased learner motivation and encouraged discussions between learners. 


Not only has this equipped community members with shared knowledge, but provided Jointly with enough data  to issue course certificates to students for the PCTO in Italy: a compulsory learning path for high school students conducted in companies as part of work experience. In the 2021-2022 edition alone, they issued over 34,000 certificates. 

A personalized approach for personalized assistance

Beyond shared comments, the platform has enabled the creation of asynchronous lessons and massive webinars for students about next steps of career choice using personalized learning paths and engaging teaching methods. This means that providing support for different profiles with different needs was easy to do. 


But because Jointly understands the importance of involving parental figures in a child’s education, they provided further support through WeSchool’s Live sessions feature and content repository, where they have shared and discussed content that meets parental needs through live Q&As and community-wide support.

The results
  • 34,000 PCTO certificates
  • 20,000 users
  • 2 Group administrators

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