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A social learning LMS for teachers

Training high school teachers on inclusion, inequality and social hardship. 

Why is it that inclusion and inequalities impact learning outcomes across all ages? 


Webecome, an education proposal that combats inequalities and social hardship while promoting inclusion and the development of the child’s transversal skills thought the same. Inclusion requires teachers to create learning experiences in which all children can learn and feel they belong: They play a central role in encouraging participation and reducing underachievement.


This is why, with the support of Intesa San Paolo and hosted on WeSchool’s platform and domain as a branded white label solution, Webecome offers training courses for school teachers and parents since 2019. So far, they have delivered over 1,3000 content piece s to over 30,000 users , including parents, teachers and deans. 

Marco Bussetti, Minister of Education

“A beneficial alliance between schools and new technologies.

Spreading awareness through interactive education

Learning Communities 

Thanks to WeSchool’s features, Webecome was able to create three core communities for teachers, parents and School deans while leading open discussions among users about how best to encourage inclusion and the creation of personalized learning paths in a single space.  

Asynchronous sessions 

All lessons are delivered and re-uploaded for asynchronous, interactive learning. With the Wall and enabled interaction within modules, users can add comments or leave questions after sessions have been uploaded. This has allowed teachers, parents and deans to open conversations, and debates and bring actionable change into the classroom.

Reusable Content 

Any teacher can copy the lesson from the community to their own classes and re-use them with students to spread awareness. Over 45 lessons have been duplicated and shared with students using interactive Learning Methodologies.

Whitelabel solution 

Webecome’s LMS is a fork of WeSchool’s fully-customizable branded platform. By customizing their login, logo page, colors and layouts inside their groups, we were able to tailor the WeSchool graphic appearance to their own brand identity for an immersive user experience. 

  • 2,000 teachers and students involved
  • 1,350 parents and 135 deans involved
  • Over 1,300 content pieces. 91 lessons have been delivered and 48 of them have been repurposed for students
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Make an impact with social learning.

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