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Free AI Masterclass | Can AI videos copy human emotions?

Transform your L&D content with AI-generated, human-like training videos

Gone are the days when you need an entire video production process to create a training video. With AI in the mix, you can create realistic virtual videos within minutes.  


But how can L&D and HR pros make sure their video training content does not sound artificial? What tactics ensure AI-generated content is as engaging as human-developed videos


Join our upcoming AI Masterclass to discover how to create AI-generated training videos that engage and delight learners. Featuring Kevin Alster, Head of Academy at Synthesia, this session will showcase Kevin’s proven four-step framework for creating L&D videos using AI. 


Best of all, you can achieve this quickly, saving time and resources while maximizing training effectiveness.

"We won’t suddenly do away with face-to-face training overnight. There will still be an ongoing need to deliver expertise, but as learning continues, there is an opportunity to move beyond the one-and-done intervention and training method, and facilitate learning with AI avatars."
Kevin Alster
Head of Synthesia Academy
What you will learn
  • Learn how to breathe life into your video training content with AI avatars
  • Experience a practical demo of how to create emotionally intelligent video content for targeted audiences
  • Gain expert strategies to implement AI in your L&D programs immediately and ensure real connection and engagement among learners
  • Learn everything you need to know within this 45-minute session to prepare for an AI-driven future in L&D
Meet our speakers
Kevin Alster

Head of Synthesia Academy

Miriam Mourad

L&D Consultant


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