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Free webinar | Voices of Customer Education

What if we told you you could access decades of Customer Education expertise in 2 hours of networking from the comfort of your home? 


Calling all Customer Education Experts, L&D Professionals, Sales Managers and Team Leaders: here is the first online global conference bringing together the major CEd experts from all over the world, all in one (online) place.

Join the #1 Customer Education Online Event of 2024

Register for free “Voices of Customers Education”, the WeSchool online event dedicated to the future of the Customer Education industry.


From content creation best practices to the role of AI: you will learn how to effectively activate your users in 2024 with up-to-date customer training strategies from top CEd thought leaders from all over the world,  going through seminal talking points.


In dedicated talks, you’ll discover best practices on:

  • Education as a (business) function
  • Microlearning and AI in CEd
  • Scalable CEd content strategies
  • Skill-based customer training
  • Data-driven CEd
  • CEd for B2B companies
  • The ROI of online customers’ community
  • Driving revenue with CEd
  • Generative AI in Customer Assessments
Listen and talk to top Customer Education thought leaders
Donna Weber

Customer Onboarding and Value Realization Expert @Springboard Solutions

Dave Derington

Director of Customer Education

Kevin Alster

Head of Synthesia Academy

Matthew Tidwell

CEO @ ThinkThru

Debbie Smith

Customer Education Leader

Vicky Kennedy

Founder @ Echtus

Yury Shilyaev

Educational Consultant

Hormazd Mistry

Founder & CEO @ Sarosh Consulting

Jeff Campbell

Founder @ Motrain

Shannon Howard

Director of Customer 
& Content Marketing

Kristine Kukich

Customer Education Expert

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